Minsk – Nesvizh Castle – Mir Castle – Castle Lida – Ruzhany – Kossava – Brest – Brest Fortress


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1 day

The capital of Belarus is Minsk. Business capital is Minsk Gate – two symmetrical eleven-storey towers on the Privokzalny place, built in the 1953rd

Freedom Square with the Church of Saints Simon and Helena (Red Church), built in 1910 under the financial support of the nobleman Edward Woyniłłowicz. The church’s name refers to the patrons of the children Woyniłłowiczs – the children had died young.

Prospect of Freedom. This is the place where there is in pristine shape Empire by Stalin.

Island of Tears or island of courage and sorrow. This is the monument of Belarusian soldiers-internationalists who were killed in Afghanistan.

Troitskoje suburb. This is the historic center of Minsk. Guests can experience the atmosphere of the first half of the 19th century deep. Today, there are many museums, coffee shop, art galleries, where townspeople and guests of the city to spend their free time.

Freedom Square and City Hall. This is the main square of the medieval Minsk.

Cathedral of the descent of the Holy Spirit. It belonged to the complex of the Catholic convent, founded in the 1633rd

National Academic Theater of J. Kupala, National Academic Big Theater of Opera and Ballet, National Art Museum, National Library and many others.

2 day

Nesvizh is the center of the estate of Radziwill, which was very powerful and influential in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland-Lithuania. In Nesvizh European nobility and kings. Here were balls, parades, hunting for the nobility. The palace ensemble of the Radziwill belongs since 2005 to the UNESCO World Heritage. Nesvizh Castle has the following architectural styles: Renaissance, Classicism, Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau, Neoclassicism. Church God’s body is the first church in Eastern Europe in the Baroque style. Here is the crypt of Radziwill. This is the third largest in Europe after Fürstengruft Habsburg and Bourbon. The Town Hall in Nesvizh is the oldest probably keep City Hall in Belarus. Slutsker Gate is the original monument to the Baroque style. This is the only well keep gate in Belarus,

Crossing in Mir, since 1395 and one of the main tourist “fire brand” of Belarus. The most famous building in Me is erected at the beginning of the 15th century Mir Castle, which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage since the year 2000. With its Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements, it is an example of the magnate architecture from the time of the Polish-Lithuanian rule. The money represents the Castle of Mir. During the walk, tourists explore the Chapel-tomb of the princes Svyatopolk-Mirski (1904), Holy Trinity Church (1550) and the Church of St. Nicholas.

3 Day

Lida, Launch date of the Lida is the date of commencement Lida Castle (1323). Today Lida is the second city of the area (100 thousand inhabitants).

City tour. Church of the establishment of the St. Cross (1770), Church of St. Michael (XVIII c.), Where the long time worked a planetarium. Monuments in the city: Hills of immortality Francysk-Skaryna Monument, urban sculpture “Hikers at the hotel.”

Castle in Lida was built in the 1330s on behalf of Prince Gedimin in Romanesque-Gothic style. The castle was the protection of the Crusaders. The castle was one of a series of buffs the defense line of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Nawahrudak-Krewo-Medniki-Troki. Castle in Lida is a sure protection for medieval princes and their allies. Here the marriage of 71-year-old King of Poland and Prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Jagajlo and 17-year-old Sofii Golschanski took place in the 1422nd The castle was repeatedly stormed and besieged.

Crossing in Ruzhany, Many centuries Ruzhany was the residence of the dynasty Sapieha. The spot was famous from the production of cloth, carpets, trellises, the fairs. Monuments of architecture of baroque Holy Trinity Church (1617), Church of St. Peter and St. Paul (1675), the building of the former monastery of Basilian, the ruins of the castle complex Sapieha (XVIII c.). Now the entrance gates and two wings are restored in Ruzhany Palace. Today it houses the museum. The museum tells about Lew Sapieha and the Law of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1588, which was written on altweißrussische language.

The Palace of Puslowski in Kossava has the son of the landowner and industrialist Wojzech Puslowski in the first half of the XIX. Century built. The palace was similar to the knight’s castle. The magnificent palace had 132 rooms and 12 towers. The palace has The magnificent acoustics. There is the assumption that was in the ballroom of the palace of glass floor, and below him there was an aquarium with exotic fish. Puslowski had the palace not long time. One of the descendants sold it to pay gambling debts. During World War II, the palace has received the strong destruction. Now the palace is restored. The part of the palace is already open for tourists.

The court of Tadeusz Kosciuszko located opposite the palace. Puslowski were proud of the neighborhood with the relatives Kościuszko. During the Second World War the farm was destroyed, the foundation remained only. Today the court of the national hero of Poland, the USA, Belarus, the honorable citizen of France is restored.

4 day

Brest, Brest is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. In 2018, the city celebrated 1000th anniversary. The city borders Poland. Geographically, they are divided only by the river. Brest was the first city where the volleys of the Great Patriotic War have tinted.

Visit Brest Fortress: Cholmskije gate, main monument, statuary composition “Thirst” bayonet obelisk. Overview tour of Brest. Tour of the most valuable architectural monuments of the city: Cathedral of St. Nicholas (1879), Cathedral of St. Simeon (1868), Church of the Assumption of the Holy Cross (1856).

Walk through the pedestrian street in the city center. In Brest, there is a very interesting tradition that tourists and residents into consideration by the city on Sovetskaya street. Every evening a badge lit the kerosene lanterns in the pedestrian street of the city, when it begins to dawn.