Ultrasound diagnostics

from 28 to 102 rubles (11-42 €)

Ultrasound diagnosis evaluates cardiac dimensions and its individual structures (ventricles, atria, interventricular septum thickness in ventricular myocardium, atrial and so on), the presence and volume of fluid in the pericardial – “heart shirt” condition of the heart valves. With special Echocardiography calculations and measurements to determine the weight of the heart, cardiac contractility – ejection fraction, and so forth. There probes, which help during heart surgery to follow the work of the mitral valve, located between the atria and the ventricles.

Functional diagnostics

from 21 to 145 rubles (9-60 €)

Functional diagnostics – diagnostic section, contents of which are objective evaluation, detection of deviations and establish the extent of violations of the functions of various organs and physiological systems based on measurements of physical, chemical or other objective indicators of their activities through instrumental or laboratory studies.

Rentgenoehndovaskuljarnaja surgery

from 958 to 6.4 rubles (397-2 650 €)

Rentgenoehndovaskuljarnaja surgery – a set of transcatheter intravascular diagnostic and therapeutic procedures carried out under X-ray control.
Endovascular embolization is based on the introduction of a catheter into a vessel of any material (embolus), temporarily or permanently occlusive vascular lumen. This method is used to stop bleeding, tumors artificial ischemia, for the functional off organ, as well as for the elimination of aneurysms and arteriovenous fistulas. autotkani (blood clot, muscles, fat tissue), glass, plastic, metals: Various materials are used as emboli.

Physiotherapy. Electricity and light therapy

from 4 to 13 rubles (2-5 €)

Physiotherapy – services provided by physical therapists for patients, in order to promote, maintain and restore maximum freedom of body movements and functionality for life.

Electrotherapy – treatment with exposure to the patient an electric current or electromagnetic field. Since many physiological processes (e.g. transmission of nerve impulses, the transfer of substances through the cell membrane) are associated with the appearance of a potential difference or electric current, electromagnetic field, and an electric current may have, depending on the strength and frequency, varied effects on the individual organs and in whole.

Phototherapy – application for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes of infrared, visible and UV light from artificial sources

Heart surgery

8 556.0 rubles (3583 €)

Endoscopic examinations

from 153 rubles (64 €)

Endoscopy – a way of viewing some of the internal organs with an endoscope. When endoscopy endoscopes introduced into the cavity through the natural way. Currently, endoscopic methods are used for both diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Modern endoscopy plays an important role in identifying early stages of many diseases, in particular – of cancer  
Name of establishment Service cost
Grodno Regional Clinical Cardiology Center from 71,28rubles (34,8 €)
Grodno Regional Hospital from 29,08 rubles (14,2 €)
City Clinical Hospital №3 Grodno from 39,02rubles (19,0 €)
City Clinical Hospital №2 Grodno from 68,93 rubles (33,6 €)