Dental implants from 65 to 90 rubles (27 – 37,5 €)
Dental implantation – is a technique which allows to replace missing teeth in the jaw by introducing artificial simulators root (implant).
Using this treatment, the doctor will establish a support for a dental prosthesis directly in the jaw bone. This technique has opened a truly new ground in restorative dentistry. More recently, the loss of even one tooth was a real problem. The cost of the aesthetic restoration of a tooth root canal getting (removal of nerves) and subsequent preparation of at least two adjacent teeth or removable dentures. Implant placement does not take the doctor longer than the formulation of a seal, eliminates the need to grinding the adjacent teeth. It delivers effective pain relief from the discomfort of manipulations.
Prosthesis from 130 to 140 rubles (54-58 €)
Dentures – a branch of dentistry that deals with the restoration of tooth structure, replacement of lost teeth, restoration of the structure and function of the masticatory apparatus. All kinds of dental prosthetics can be divided into two groups – removable and non-removable prosthetics.
Removable prosthetics involves the installation of artificial limbs and structures designed for extremely long service life – from several years to several decades.

Removable prosthetics involves the installation of designs, which the patient can remove himself. Typically, these prostheses are only during the day and removed at night.

Dental treatment from 51 to 75 rubles (21-31 €)
Orientation of modern dentistry is to maintain the availability of all dental units in the oral cavity. This is due to the fact that each of them performs a specific function and provides safety remaining teeth.
In order not to run the mouth disease should regularly visit a dentist for checkups. Certain forms of treatment is carried out already at the first signs of enamel lesions.
Therapeutic dentistry from 5 to 200 rubles (2-83 €)
Preventive dentistry – it is a branch of medicine which deals with the conservative treatment of teeth. The main problem – the treatment of caries, pulpitis and other dental diseases. In some modern dental clinics, therapists treat gum disease and deal with the restoration of teeth.
Oral Surgery 7 to 482 rubles (3-200 €)
Oral Surgery – specialty dental practitioner such therapies as surgery for removal of dental, bone grafting, and preparation of dental implants, and also various aesthetic surgery in periodontology.
Surgical dentistry in its practice includes removal of teeth. In cases where treatment is ineffective and tooth extraction is inevitable, surgeon-dentist professionally, quickly, and will remove the desired tooth without pain. Probably and removal of wisdom teeth, which have grown and prevent wrong. When removing the tooth is engaged in a professional dental surgeon, the occurrence of various complications is minimized. Also, surgeons make removal of cysts located at the apex of the tooth root.
Radiodiagnosis from 5 to 10 rubles (2-4 €)
Radiography is of great importance for the diagnosis of carious defects localized on the contact surfaces of the tooth, in the neck or root, under fillings, crowns and the like. D. If a carious tooth defects will not kraeobrazuyuschimi then radiographically they are very difficult to diagnose.
Maxillofacial Surgery from 26 rubles (10,8 €)
Maxillo-facial surgery – a surgical specialty, directed to the treatment of inflammatory diseases of soft and hard tissues of the face and neck, injuries of soft tissues and bones of the maxillofacial area and their complications, benign and malignant tumors of the maxillofacial region, congenital and acquired defects of the head and neck , jaws, hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity, and maxillofacial.
Surgical procedures include: correction of congenital deformations, correction of malocclusions, the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the soft tissues of the face and neck, the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the jaws, the treatment of abscesses face and neck surgery to remove the consequences of traumas, plastic surgery of the face and neck.
Name of establishment Service cost
Central City Dental Clinic in Grodno from 32,51 rubles (16,3 €)
Professor consultative center SV “Grodno State Medical University” from 7,50 rubles (3,9 €)
Regional Sports Medicine Clinic from 24,75 rubles (12,1 €)
Grodno Regional Hospital from 60,0 rubles (29,3 €)