Injections of botulinum toxin

from 130 rubles (55 €)

The purpose of injection is to relax the muscles and prevent the formation of fine lines on the face. Botulinum toxin blocks the nerve impulses that cause muscle contraction. As a result, muscles are in a relaxed state for a longer period. Over time, the pulse injection is reduced and the effect is reduced

Injectable fillers Injectable fillers

from 460 rubles (193 €)

Injection contour – a technique correction of wrinkles, solid modeling faces by administration of preparations based on the high molecular hyaluronic acid. With the thinnest needle under the skin in the place that needs rejuvenation helium are special substances – fillers. Fillers help eliminate visible age problems due to the formation of additional volume in the subcutaneous fat.

Laser and photorejuvenation

from 87 to 346 rubles

(36-144 €)

Photorejuvenation. Special nozzle emits light by separate beams (pulses) are detected chromophores (accumulations of pigment in the skin). They are heated and destroyed. Apart from the destruction of the pigment, light waves affect the collagen and elastin fibers: light activates fibroblasts which start to rapidly divide and create new fibers as well as molecules of hyaluronic acid. If the skin contains cells of bacteria, they are destroyed, which helps to improve the skin in acne.

All together, this gives a rejuvenating effect: the skin is lighter, smaller vessels and redness disappear, skin elasticity increases, wrinkles are smoothed out, the color becomes uniform and healthy and, therefore, the face looks younger.

Laser omolzhenie. This procedure and apparatus is carried out by means of a neodymium laser, which provides the deepest penetration into the skin thanks to a wavelength of 1320 nm. The course of laser rejuvenation of the face and body, as a rule, is about three to four treatments, which means that you will get the result of two times faster than if you choose the method of rejuvenation. The main advantage of neodymium rejuvenation is projected cumulative effect: your skin will be updated throughout the year and a half!

Laser epilation

from 51 to 200 rubles.

(21-83 €)

Laser, Laser hair removal in addition to the destruction of the “active” hair follicles causes a weakening of “sleeping”. 2-3 sessions the patient noted not only decrease the amount of hair, but also to change their color and structure (the hair becomes thinner and lighter). The energy of the light flux reaches the level of skin where the hair follicles and not penetrate further, i.e. subcutaneous tissue and deeper located tissue is not exposed to pulses.


from 7.50 to 24 rubles

(3-10 €)

Dermoscopy – a unique method of contactless diagnostics, which allows you to reliably determine the nature of the skin lesions. The peculiarity of this method is that it allows you to set the degree of danger of any tumors at an early stage – almost immediately after the appearance.


from 366 rubles

(152 €)

Plazmolifting- this unique method of non-surgical facial rejuvenation, based on the use of the patient’s own plasma. The basis of this method “samoomolozheniya” laid reducing effect of platelet rich plasma (PRP), which is inserted in the problem areas by injection and activates operation of connective tissue cells. As a result, due to the body’s own reserves started the biological mechanism of natural skin rejuvenation without surgical intervention, and other drastic measures.


from 65 to 110 rubles

(27-46 €)

The essence of the peeling procedure (from the English – cleansing, peeling, skin) is damaged and controlled exfoliation of certain layers of the skin, which is accompanied by a considerable intensification of the processes of recovery and renewal, and leads to an improvement in the appearance and condition of the skin. As a result, exfoliation improves skin tone and texture, it becomes more moist and elastic, wrinkles are reduced, i.e. skin looks fresher and younger.

In addition to anti-aging action, peels are used for therapeutic purposes pritakih conditions like acne and its consequences (enlarged pores, scars), hyperpigmentation, hyperkeratoses et al. Problems that can occur at a young age.

Acne treatment

from 61 rubles (€ 25)

This newest contactless effective method of treatment of acne in the acute stage, which allows for a minimum time to eliminate the inflammatory changes. Another advantage of the procedure is:

notice messages formation of cicatricial changes, stagnant spots;

-Correction sebum production;

-rassasyvanie subcutaneous seals;

-profilaktika appearance of new lesions.


from 72 rubles

(30 €)

Trichology – a narrow section of Dermatology, has been studying the structure and hair growth, diseases and their treatment.

The clinics Trichology to date using the most modern techniques of hair treatment. For the correct diagnosis at the disposal of professionals are the classic laboratory methods (mikroelementarny and biochemical analysis of the composition of hair). Also widely used methods mikrovideodiagnostiki that allow doctors to pinpoint the most disease and its cause.


Name of establishment Service cost
Grodno Regional Hospital from 71,98 rubles (35,1 €)
PMC “Medical Wellness Center” from 33,78 rubles (16,6 €)