Plastic surgery

Оtorhinolaryngology from 67 to 145 rubles (28-60 €)
Otorhinolaryngology – is a branch of medicine and medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the ear, nose and throat, and head and neck.  
Cosmetic surgery from 217 to 320 rubles (90-133 €)
The aim pursued by cosmetic surgery – the patient improved appearance. The way you look, plays a huge role in shaping your self-esteem, and change in appearance for the better, as a rule, the most positive effect on the sense of self, its interaction with society, success in private life and profession.  
With cosmetic surgery can modify any part of the human body, the effectiveness of cosmetic surgery depends on what the client would like to receive, minor changes cosmetic or skin sufficiently thorough correction or body contouring.  
Name of establishment Service cost
City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Grodno health care from 121,48 rubles (59,3 €)
PMC “Medical Wellness Center” from 55,55 rubles (27,30 €)
Grodno Regional Hospital from 158,4 rubles (77,3 €)
City Clinical Hospital №2 Grodno from 109 rubles (53 €)
Grodno regional clinical perinatal center from 319,7 rubles (133€)