Physiological labor with epidural anesthesia 2, 479 rubles (1038 €)
Epidural anesthesia during childbirth, is used for local anesthesia. Epidural anesthesia is considered safe, very effective and easy to use method that allows a woman to become a happy mother without experiencing labor pain.
Doctors confidently recommend an epidural during childbirth and many women go to this step just because I do not see any sense to endure the pain, if you can do without it. Moreover, for some women, exhausted by a prolonged period of labor, epidural anesthesia is a real salvation: dilates – and childbirth magically happen very easily and quickly
Cesarean section from 2,615 rubles (1086 €)
Cesarean section – abdominal surgery in which the abdominal wall is cut to extract the uterus and a baby. It is performed under epidural anesthesia, which provides a partial loss of sensation in the pregnant woman’s lower body. This anesthesia effectively relieves pain, and the assurances of doctors, the child does not bring harm.
At modern development technologies after the operation are barely noticeable cosmetic scars. And it’s much better than the gaps and seams occur under normal childbirth. In addition, the state of the external genitalia is not broken, the vagina is narrow.
Gynecological surgery from 170 to 1,604 rubles (71-666 €)
Gynecological operations are divided into two groups: small and large volume.
For small-scale gynecological operations include: cervical biopsy, uterine sounding, polypectomy, curettage uterine lining, etc..

Cervical Biopsy – diagnostic procedures, the essence of which consists in the deletion of the sample of cervical tissue for further study of the laboratory for the presence of any changes (abnormalities, precancerous conditions, cancer).

Sounding the uterus used primarily for diagnostic purposes to determine the patency of the cervical canal, uterine cavity and the length of its direction, the presence of constrictions in the cervical canal, uterine cavity shape and its position, presence and location submucous uterus, uterine bicornuate or septum in its cavity.

Cervical polypectomy– a surgical procedure which consists in the removal of tumors from the upper layer of the endometrium. The purpose of the operation is the thickening of the mucosa or determining polyps on its surface. Before the appointment of polypectomy performed a complete diagnosis of the patient, and in the course of the operation are taken into account the individual characteristics of the female body.

Scraping the uterine liningclassified as surgery to remove the body of the uterus mucous membrane and cervical canal. Scraping in medical practice used in both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. For example, uterine bleeding, polyps cavity and cervix, and so on. D. Also scraping is carried out to terminate pregnancy in terms of up to 12 weeks. Scraping prescribed after a forced abortion in late pregnancy and the postpartum period, incomplete miscarriage. Retained placenta into the uterine cavity, which is a cause of uterine bleeding.

Cosmetic gynecology from 428 to 2,224 rubles (178-923 €)
Aesthetic gynecology can solve a wide range of problems that a woman may encounter. This, above all, age-related changes and their consequences, such as malnutrition of the labia majora, volume loss in this area asymmetry. During menopause a woman may feel increased discomfort due to vaginal dryness, pruritus. Aesthetic treatments allow you to quickly and effectively solve these and many problems on an outpatient basis, in the office of a gynecologist.
All procedures in aesthetic gynecology are performed under local anesthesia and takes 30 to 60 minutes. Aesthetic Gynecology includes non-surgical injectable treatments.
A study of male fertility from 15 to 287 rubles (6-119 €)
Male fertility – is the ability of men to leave viable offspring. Ie fertility determines the ability to conceive a child who will be born and stand, and will not have abnormalities incompatible with life.
By violation of male fertility realize reduced ability to conceive offspring. Depending on the results obtained a full examination of the body and identified causes of impaired fertility distinguish between temporary (reversible) and permanent (irreversible) reduction in fertility.
Name of establishment Service cost
Professor consultative center SV “Grodno State Medical University” from 3,51 rubles (1,7 €)
Children’s Clinic №1 of Grodno from 10,75 rubles (5,2 €)
Grodnensk central urban clinic from 2,69 rubles (1,3 €)
City polyclinic №6 Grodno from 2,39 rubles (1,2 €)
City polyclinic №5 Grodno from 2,80 rubles (1,4 €)
City polyclinic №4 Grodno from 2,81 rubles (1,4 €)
City polyclinic №3 Grodno from 22,36 rubles (10,9 €)
Polyclinic №1 of Grodno from 10,63 rubles (5,2 €)
Grodno regional clinical perinatal center from 13,74 rubles (6€)
City Clinical Hospital №4 Grodno from 2,94 rubles (1,4 €)
City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Grodno health care from 3,78 rubles (1,8 €)