from 246 to 482 rubles (102-200 €)

Section of Clinical Medicine, Section of Surgery, who studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of deformities and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, which are the result of congenital defects, developmental defects, trauma or diseases.

endoprosthesis of large joints

from 39 rubles (16 €)
Arthroplasty – an operation that joint replacement implant components that have the anatomical shape of a healthy joint and allow you to perform the entire range of motion. After these operations, the patient forgets about the pain in the joints and back to active life. In the center of the operation carried out by the major joint replacement (knee, hip, shoulder, elbow) and small (knuckles) joints.


from 96 rubles (40 €)
CATEGORY modern operative surgery including surgery on small anatomical structures using optical means and microsurgical instruments. Outward sign of microsurgical operation is the use of the surgical operating microscope or magnifying glass, microsurgical instruments and very fine sutures.


from 587 rubles (246 €)
Neurosurgery – section surgery, dealing with issues of surgical treatment of diseases of the nervous system including the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system  

vascular surgery

from 587 rubles (246 €)

Vascular surgery – the science of surgical treatment of blood vessels. Its most important task is to ensure the blood supply to the body and brain. The most frequent operations in cardiovascular surgery include bypass grafting to direct blood flow to bypass the narrowed blood vessels, aneurysms and carotid artery surgery – is responsible for the blood supply to the brain, in order to prevent a stroke.
Name of establishment Service cost
City polyclinic №4 Grodno from 6,11 rubles (3,0 €)
City Clinical Emergency Hospital Grodno from 27,61 rubles (13,5 €)
Children’s Clinic №1 of Grodno from 16,36 rubles (8,0 €)
Grodnensk central urban clinic from 6,52 rubles (3,2 €)
City polyclinic №6 Grodno from 9,18 rubles (4,5 €)
City polyclinic №5 Grodno from 8,61 rubles (4,2 €)
Polyclinic №1 of Grodno from 6,65 rubles (3,2 €)
Grodno Regional Hospital from 17,64 rubles (8,6 €)
City Clinical Hospital №4 Grodno from 30,78 rubles (15 €)