MRI and CT studies from 99 to 118 rubles.

(41-49 €)

MRI method for producing tomographic images for medical investigation of internal organs and tissues using nuclear magnetic resonance phenomena. The method is based on measuring the electromagnetic response of atomic nuclei, usually nuclei of hydrogen atoms [1], namely, on the excitation of a certain combination of electromagnetic waves in a constant magnetic field of high intensity.

CT – the method based on measuring the complex computer processing and X-ray attenuation differences for different tissue density. Currently, X-ray computed tomography is the primary tomography study of human internal organs using X-rays.

X-ray examinations from 7 to 34 rubles.

(3-14 €)

X-ray inspection is used to study the structure and functions of organs in normal and pathological conditions. It allows you to diagnose the disease, identify the location and extent of the identified lesions, as well as their dynamics in the course of treatment.

The study is based on the fact that the beam of X-rays passing through the organs and tissues, is absorbed by them in varying degrees, which gives an opportunity to get their picture on a special screen or radiographic film. The difference in optical density of adjacent portions of the image on the roentgenogram (or the difference in brightness of the fluorescent screen) determines the image contrast.

Endoscopic diagnostic tests from 7 to 94 rubles.

(3-39 €)

In medical practice, under the “Endoscopy” is meant by the term examination of internal organs having a cavity by means of lighting. For making this procedure using an endoscope – rigid or flexible tube of small diameter. In the first case the foundation of the device serves as fiber optic system. On one side is the light bulb, and with another – an eyepiece, which allows to adjust the image size. Flexible endoscopes allow to explore the most inaccessible places. According to the fiber bundle is transferred to a clear image despite twists system.  
Ultrasound diagnostics from 7 to 48 rubles.

(3-20 €)

Non-invasive study of the human body by means of ultrasonic waves. Holding ultrasound of human internal organs allows us to give the most objective assessment of their condition, operation, confirm or deny suspicions on the development of pathological processes, as well as keep track of whether the recovery is affected in the past, authorities in the course of the prescribed treatment.
Breast research from 16 rubles.

(7 €)

Mammography is a diagnostic procedure, the purpose of which is to evaluate the state of the mammary glands. This kind of survey may have different goals: preventive monitoring is carried out with a certain frequency; diagnosis of neoplastic processes.


Polysomnography from 198 rubles.

(82 €)

Polysomnography – Sleep study patient using specialized computer systems. Recorded various indicators sleeper connected to devices that are placed on your computer. Recorded parameters: snoring, respiratory flow, respiratory movements of the abdominal wall and thorax, oxygen saturation of peripheral blood, body position, EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG, leg movements of sleep recording.
Functional diagnostics from 7 to 39 rubles.

(3-16 €)

Functional diagnostics – diagnostic section, contents of which are objective evaluation, detection of deviations and establish the extent of violations of the functions of various organs and physiological systems based on measurements of physical, chemical or other objective indicators of their activities through instrumental or laboratory studies.  
Name of establishment Service cost
Grodno Regional Hospital from 99.22 rubles. (48,4 €)
Grodno Oblast Children’s Hospital from 82.72 rubles. (40,4 €)
City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Grodno health care from 98.00 rubles. (47,8 €)
Name of establishment Service cost
Grodno Regional Clinical Center “Psychiatry-narcology” from 7.40 rubles (3,65 €)
Grodno Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital from 19.16 rubles. (9,3 €)
Grodno Regional Clinical Center “Phthisiology” from 24.23 rubles. (11,95 €)
Regional Sports Medicine Clinic from 5.28 rubles. (2,6 €)
City Clinical Emergency Hospital Grodno from 13.39 rubles. (6,5 €)
Children’s Clinic №1 of Grodno from 8.16 rubles. (4,0 €)
Grodnensk central urban clinic from 20.34 rubles. (9,9 €)
City polyclinic №6 of Grodno from 14.06 rubles. (6,96 €)
City polyclinic №5 of Grodno from 18.60 rubles. (9,1 €)
City polyclinic №4 of Grodno from 11.13 rubles. (5,5 €)
City polyclinic №3 of Grodno from 15.47 rubles. (7,5 €)
City polyclinic №1 of Grodno from 9.74 rubles. (4,8 €)
Grodno regional clinical perinatal center from 28.64 rubles. (14,0 €)
Grodno Regional Clinical Cardiology Center from 23.41 rubles. (11,4 €)