The distance from Brest: 150 км

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    Санаторий “Жемчужина”

    Located in the Ivanovo district, Brest region. The sanatorium is located on the banks of Zavyshanskogo lake and surrounded by woodland stretching for dozens of kilometers.

    On the territory grow pine, spruce, birch and others.


    The resort you can find rooms on a different number of people. 1-, 2-, 3-local numbers. Each room is equipped with a full bathroom (shower, toilet, wash basin).


    – nervous system diseases

    – diseases of the musculoskeletal system

    – diseases of the cardiovascular system

    – respiratory diseases


    – balneotherapy: medicated bath (mineral, bromine, iodine, gas, mixed medicines (turpentine from coniferous extract from peat oxidate, antler with pantogematogenom, bland, aromatic), dry carbon dioxide bath (ap t “Reaboks”)¿

    – hydrotherapy: therapeutic soul (circular, ascending, Charcot’s douche), bath pearl general, local, jet contrast baths rooms, baths, vortex for lower limbs, four-galvanic

    – thermotherapy: ozokeritotherapy, mud (galvanogryazelechenie, mud wraps in a thermal blanket), spa wraps on the basis of self-heating marine algae, the total thermal therapy in SPA-capsule, general thermotherapy in the thermal blanket, sauna

    – therapeutic massage: manual massage, underwater jet massage, vacuum massage, pneumatic compression therapy (an-t “Limfamat”), stone therapy, electro therapy, laser therapy, magnetotherapy, therapy, amplipulse, therapy sinusnomodelirovannymi currents, iontophoresis, ultrasound therapy, darsonvalization local treatment polerizovannym light (an-t “Bioptron”), diadynamic current treatment, ultraviolet irradiation of local, general, ultrahigh-frequency therapy, galvanizing local

    – inhalation therapy: inhalation drugs, halotherapy, galoingalyatsii, aromatherapy, kinesitherapy (traction therapy on the couch “Ormed-kinesis”)

    – drinking treatment mineral water, fitosbory, oxygen cocktails

    – beauty: facial massage, facial cleansing complex, facials

    Accessibility: There are ramps, elevator in the medical building, a specialized room for wheelchair users, a dining room on the 1st floor.


    – acceptance of the doctor and the appointment procedures for the first day

    – the beginning of the passage of the procedures from the second day

    – appointment procedure: automated

    – diagnostics: spirometry, laboratory tests.

    – physiotherapy: physiotherapists path, gym, swimming pool, water aerobics, Nordic walking, outdoor fitness

    – mud sapropelic dirt (application – included in the ticket, wraps – for an additional fee) black and green

    – pool: 72 sqm indoor (visit in a day – is included in the ticket)

    – sauna: finnish (surcharge). A visit to the swimming pool

    – specialist doctors: therapist, physiotherapist, dentist, pediatrician.


    – mail (payment services, sale of newspapers, magazines, souvenirs, sending correspondence, transfers, cash withdrawals can pay by card.)

    – pharmacy (. Sale of medicines, medical supplies first must be paid in cash only)

    – children’s room (work in the morning, there is a tutor)

    – hairdresser (haircut, hairstyle, manicure, make-up)

    – billiards (Working hours from 09.00 to 23.00 Cash at the box office or desk.).

    – concert hall (concerts, competitions, workshops, film screenings)

    – library (fiction, periodicals, mini-exhibitions)

    – shop-bar (food, coffee, tea, pastries, beer, alcohol, snacks, WI-FI You can pay by card..).

    – hire (sports equipment, board games, skis, roller skates, bicycles, hairdryers free of charge on presentation of the outpatient’s card.).

    – parking

    Leisure: concerts, film screenings, workshops, evening dances, contests, disco, trips, volleyball, table tennis, rental boats and catamarans, bike rental, fishing, beach, swimming pool, sauna, billiards.

    WI-FI: dormitories in hallways (charge). Payment in cash or registry. The bar (free).

    Must pay an additional resort fee of 5% of the cost of service (on-site).

    Customer service in the resort begins at 08:00 on the day of arrival and ends at 20:00 on the last day of the tour


    • accommodation in the selected room standard
    • 5 meals
    • complex of spa procedures